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Windows 10

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  • A new snap mode in Windows® 10 Technical Preview – Quadrant snap


    Windows 10 Technical Preview is loaded with features– some of which are an extension of the ones available in the previous versions and others that have been added to this version specifically.

    One newly added feature in the Technical Preview of Windows 10 is the snapping mode, which allows you to snap more than one app to the screen.  Watch the video that has been provided here and learn how to use the snap mode in the new Windows-based operating system.

    Follow the steps mentioned in the video to get started. Don’t miss to share the video with your friends and let them benefit too.

  • How to create and use new virtual desktops in Windows® 10 Technical Preview


    Windows 10 Technical Preview is the new and improved version of Windows operating system for all you PC users.


    Creating a new virtual desktop in this Microsoft product is simple. Watch this solution video to learn the steps you can take to create the virtual desktop in a less than a minute. Windows 10 Technical Preview is versatile and has many such options that will enhance your computing life. Here’s one that you can begin with.

  • How to use the new keyboard shortcuts for Windows® 10 Technical Preview


    Windows 10 Technical Preview offers you several easy to handle features, even for the novice users. One of them is using keyboard shortcuts to get your work done in a jiffy.

    Now, you can save time by using these new keyboard shortcuts and also enhance your productivity. These shortcuts will also help you cut down on your dependency on the external mouse or Touchpad and offer you a more ‘geeky’ look! So, are you ready to learn them all? Tip: Bookmark this video for easy reference again in the future…

  • How to download Windows® 10 Technical Preview


    Windows 10 Technical Preview is the new advanced version of operating system from Microsoft. If you want to have a look at this latest version of Microsoft product follow the instructions provided in the video.

    Downloading from the internet is quite simple but if you are a novice and don’t know how to download the new operating system, watch the video. It will help you with easy steps and teach you how to download.

  • How to make the Windows® 10 Technical Preview Start Menu look like that of Windows® 7


    Windows 10 Technical preview has live tiles in the Start Menu. This is a new feature and is not available on Windows 7. If you want your latest operating system to give you the look of your old and handy Windows 7 version, you can start by customizing the Start menu! Yes, by following just a few steps, you can easily change the look of Windows 10 Technical Preview to the one present in Windows 7.

    Watch the video and it will guide you how to make Windows 10 Start Menu look like Windows 7.

  • How to use the Start menu with new features in Windows® 10 Technical Preview


    Are you planning to download and use Windows 10 Technical Preview anytime soon?

    Well, here’s what you will find extremely handy. The Start menu of the latest Windows operating system is advanced, more user-friendly, and surely very versatile as compared to all its previous editions. Watch our video provided here to learn simple ways in which you can customize the Start menu and let it best work for you.
    The tips shared here will definitely help you get started in personalizing Windows 10 in a jiffy. So, are you ready to learn them all?