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  • A new snap mode in Windows® 10 Technical Preview – Quadrant snap


    Windows 10 Technical Preview is loaded with features– some of which are an extension of the ones available in the previous versions and others that have been added to this version specifically.

    One newly added feature in the Technical Preview of Windows 10 is the snapping mode, which allows you to snap more than one app to the screen.  Watch the video that has been provided here and learn how to use the snap mode in the new Windows-based operating system.

    Follow the steps mentioned in the video to get started. Don’t miss to share the video with your friends and let them benefit too.

  • How to subscribe and view the RSS feed in Internet Explorer® 10 Preview


    Subscribing to RSS Feed in Internet Explorer is a simple task; it is even simpler in Windows 10 Technical Preview. If you are using this browser version on your Windows 7-based PC, here’re the steps you can follow to subscribe RSS Feed.

    The steps are relevant for subscriptions as well as viewing the RSS feed of news websites and blogs. Are you ready to get all your favorite feeds on to this browser? Watch the video!

  • How to turn off Tracking Protection for a single site in Internet Explorer® 10


    If the websites that you are trying to visit not displaying correctly or there are some other issues that are occurring after you have enabled the Tracking Protection on Internet Explorer 10, you may need to disable it. Although it is not recommended that you turn off this protection feature for long, you may still need to do it on a temporary basis and roll back the settings once the task is done. To turn off this feature, here’s a solution video that you can refer to.

    You won’t take more than three clicks of the mouse to get this task done! So, here you go…