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  • How to log out from Facebook on Samsung GALAXY S II


    Do you like to keep your social networking account secure by signing out from your smartphone? If you are a Samsung GALAXY S II user, then this will guide you with simple steps that will help you to sign out from your Facebook account.

    If your friends, colleagues often borrow your phone for making calls etc., then it is always sensible to sign out of Facebook account from your smartphone. Doing so will enable better security for your social networking account and will also keep your friends and colleagues away from playing around with your Facebook profile.

  • How to use the Voice to Text feature in Samsung GALAXY S II


    There can be times when we are either too pressed for time or plainly lazy to pick the phone and type out a message. For situations and moods such as these, Samsung has unveiled GALAXY II with a ‘Voice Talk’ feature that provides users with an incredible experience of getting the task done without bothering about actually typing a message.

    Watch this solution video to activate the Voice feature on your Samsung GALAXY S II. Once this feature is enabled on your smartphone, you will just need to speak the message. This will convert your voice message into a ready-to-send text message. Enjoy this feature for sending quick text message to all your contacts.

  • How to use Turn-by-turn Navigation on Samsung GALAXY S II


     While travelling, we often find trouble in locating the direction to reach the desired destination. Samsung takes a leap in providing you with a smoother and enjoyable driving experience. Wondering how? Watch this video guide that will allow you to turn on Turn-by-turn navigation feature on your Samsung GALAXY S II.

    This feature will be your personal guide while you are travelling from one destination to another. This feature will keep you informed in advance about the upcoming turns. This will help you save your time and energy for searching the route and will allow you to enjoy your drive.

  • How to navigate multiple home screens on Samsung® GALAXY S II


    Having trouble using multiple home screens on your Samsung GALAXY SII? This video will provide you with simple tips that you can use to navigate through multiple home screens on Samsung GALAXY S II.

    Having multiple home screens with your favorite or most used app shortcuts lets you enjoy easy access to your favorite apps. It will also reduce the time for searching for the apps in the main menu. To make the best use of your smartphone feature, watch this interactive video guide.

  • How to send a text message to a contact group on Samsung® GALAXY S II


    On your Samsung GALAXY S II, you can send one text message to many people at the same time! Sounds interesting? Certainly, by doing this you can effortlessly save your time and energy and reach out to many people all at the same time. Want to know how you can do it?

    Go through this video solution. The easy to understand steps will enable you to send text messages to a contact group on Samsung GALAXY S II; in a single go! Once you have learnt the steps , do not miss trying it once right away.

  • How to download apps and games on Samsung® GALAXY S II


    With Samsung GALAXY S II, enjoy the liberty of downloading and enjoying the latest apps and games as per your interest and convenience. Are you still not aware of this amazing fact?

    No need to worry anymore! Just go through this video tutorial and it will help you out to search and install new apps and games effortlessly on your Samsung GALAXY S II. Once you know the quick steps for searching and downloading the apps and games on your smartphone; you can keep yourself entertained and updated with the latest games and apps.

  • How to view a missed call and add the caller to contacts list on Samsung® GALAXY S II


    Viewing a missed call and adding the number to your contacts list shouldn’t be a tough task after this. Yes, our video tutorial teaches you the simple steps that you need to take to be able to do this.

    Watch this comprehensive video guide for assistance to view the calls that you have missed. The video will also show you how you can add the caller instantly to your contact list. Though, these are two separate tasks and require you to action these differently, our video will help you consolidate both into one.

  • How to teach children to dial 911 on Samsung® GALAXY S II


    One of the biggest challenges of being a parent is to share with your children the skills to handle difficult situations in life. Teaching them how to use 911 in an emergency state could be one of the simplest and the most important lesson that you’ll ever share with them.

     Go through this simple and easy to understand video tutorial with your children and it will help them learn to dial 911 on your Samsung GALAXY S II. 911 is one of the most important numbers every American resident should have handy. Teach your kids when and how to dial this number and help them stay safe.

  • How to unlock the phone on Samsung GALAXY S II


    Are you having trouble in unlocking your Samsung GALAXY S II? It’s the time to watch this video tutorial and find out simple steps that will guide you to unlock your smartphone.

    It is important to keep your smartphone locked. If it is in the unlock mode, it can often lead to unintentionally dialing of random numbers or accidentally opening of apps and unnecessary consumption of your mobile data. To protect you smartphone from overusing your mobile data or increasing your mobile bill by dialing random numbers; it is recommended that you keep your smartphone locked every time it is not in use.

  • How to navigate Facebook on Samsung GALAXY S II


    With the Facebook app on your Samsung GALAXY S II, socializing will become a breeze.  Want to discover how you can easily navigate Facebook on your Samsung smartphone?

    Watch this video and find out easy ways that will allow you to navigate through your various Facebook pages; just like you do on your computer. Learn these quick and simple steps and get the best out of your social networking account. It’s time to enjoy and connect with your Facebook friends round the clock.

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